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16GB Apple iPhone 4

Written By: admin on September 15, 2011 45 Comments

16GB Apple iPhone 4


The truth is that a somewhat silly … A year ago had a pink Samsung F480 I was thrilled to have, and, when not even two months had to have it, a good beach day in Oropesa I lost it, gave me lots of grief, rather than the phone, photos he had in him, but nothing in life that things happen. I spent some months with a worthless phone truth of these most ancient of all, but when I wanted a good tubiera another truth, and chose to pull this up to have a catch me better than any other. It was not long in getting into my head, the new iPhone 4, so I looked to see that such a price,

I am with vodafone for a long time, and I called to get me one and told me Nanai with the points you had (remember that he had recently spent with the Samsung and barely points). Then I went to Orange and they told me they gave me one for portability (can not remember now but I think I asked for some money but not much) and I decided to make porting, when Vodafone saw that I was (and if they saw my resume on the invoices grieve my departure.,. XD) contacted me for me not to leave they gave me an Iphone 16G 4 by about 100 €, but I am so clever that I said no that in the other company gave it to me, and that they had no match the offer and enhance it with 50% discount on the bill, I’ve been paying about 70 € up to not reach the 50 € and the phone he wanted.


I can not compare with the androids, blackberrys, … because I have not, but if you explain the use I give mine. Nothing to get up, look at my calendar to see the planing and things I have done (since I have it I pushed the agenda that was used on a daily basis), then look at the time, facebook (all day rather well XD) , e-mail, which will be on TV during the day … do not have time to look at everything because the work orders! if you can not throw the whole day looking at things.

The WIFI internet (I catch the home or when I’m on sites that take free) is great, and if not with the 3G, the truth is that to me is going great too.
I also do the shopping list so I will not forget anything, I am aware of all the news, and Twitter as well.


And what about applications … Has loads of them! Downloaded from app store, there are pay and free, I’ve only paid one and it really worth having, the WhatsApp, by which you can send messages free to all who have it too, not very expensive, I think remember that cost me € 0.79, but it is clear that the depreciation and the application is great. There is also the Viber, which is free and you can send messages and call your contacts. The applications are updated, and as you downloading the new ones come out, you no longer erasing use, the phone has 16G and I have all applications (including games, watch TV chains ,…) , I have not even half occupied memory.


I totally recommend having one of these wonders, as it is useful and very easy to handle in just a few days to have it. Just one little thing that gave me a headache just to have to put the targetita, you jest … with a stick you have to click on a micro hole that cost me see your thing, because in theory comes with an attachment to open it, because in my case, and is the only thing I find sticks, but otherwise … GREAT!


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