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700MHz Notebooks

Written By: admin on September 25, 2011 46 Comments

700MHz Notebooks

They’re here. The newest line of notebooks arrive and they are blessed with 700MHz processors, lots of RAM and big hard drives. Anyone need a desktop replacement?

All of these notebooks have a feature that makes them stand out from one another but the HP impressed me the most. The HP is a little on the pricey side, over $3800, but with plenty of nice features it is worth it.

HP OmniBook 6000

The OmniBook scored well in its battery life test and it comes loaded with 128MB of RAM and a 12GB hard disk. For the price I would like to see a bigger screen, a 14.1 inch on a 700MHz notebook just doesn’t seem to be enough.

IBM ThinkPad A20p and T20

IBM pops in with two impressive notebooks. These two units also scored very well on battery life tests, about 4 hours. The one thing I did not particularly like about the IBM models was their weight. At 7.5 lbs. they will be plenty to haul around if you travel.

Quantex W-1511

The W-1511 packs a very large 18GB hard disk and a 15 inch display. The bad thing about this unit is the very short warranty. You get a lot of features but a 12 month warranty isn’t long enough. While the unit is priced under $3000, I would rather pay more and get a better warranty.

Windrover Navigator 143pt

I am not one to jump on a new brand until they have established at least some history of good service. However, this company appears to be on the right track with its products. The unit scored well on its tests and comes with plenty of features to make you happy.


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