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Apple iPad 2 (16GB, Wi-Fi, black) Reviews

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Apple iPad 2

Good: The Apple iPad 2 dramatically thinner and is located in front of and behind the cameras, video chat FaceTime, a faster processor and 3G options, and the AT & T and Verizon.

The bad: Screen Resolution IPAD has not moved, photo quality is poor, there is still no Adobe Flash, and HDMI ports, USB and SD all require adapters.

Bottom line: the iPad the two processes already excellent product. Its easy to use user interface, extensive list of Access, and confirms the marathon Apple battery to show the king of tablets.

The competition has really hate Apple. The Apple iPad was nothing more than a Tablet PC with success in 2010 – was the tablet computer. Suddenly, Apple created the new tablet market and sold tens of millions Cases despite the global economic slowdown and considerable skepticism.

The same, but better

The IPAD second go-around, Apple sticks to its successful formula. 2 IPAD is thinner, faster, and includes two cameras, but otherwise, the iPad is the same: the size, price, capacity, and contains all the reports.

Oh, except for color. Apple now offers black and white versions of the iPad 2 in each price and configuration. The base model starts at $ 499, which gives you 16 GB of storage and a Wi-Fi. If you want more storage space for all your software, photos, music and videos, you can skip up to 32 GB ($ 599) or 64GB ($ 699) models.

The freedom to surf the web via a 3G mobile connection costs $ 130 more for any of the three models mentioned above, plus transportation costs monthly. Unlike the iPad home, now you have a choice of two carriers (Verizon and AT & T). Choose carefully though, because the Verizon version of the IPAD could not be put to work on AT & T, and vice versa.


IPad 2 is thin – so thin, in fact, that seems like a different device. It measures only 0.34 of an inch, is thinner than the iPhone 4 and thinner than a third of the original iPad.

Despite the slimmer design, the build quality is as rugged as the original. Behind the iPad is still made of durable machined aluminum plate to fit the iPad the internal components like a glove. Face of the iPad treated in the same scratch-resistant glass, with the Home button at the bottom of the screen, and a new front in front of the camera above.

Otherwise, IPAD IPAD 2 infects the family routine. Sleep / Wake button and headphone jack are in the same location as the original, above, as well as the rockers of the volume and mute / lock switch on the right side of rotation. Below you will find the connection iPad Universal Dock and built-in speaker. Prime perforated grid is rotated back, so the surface and increases the sound quality much better.

The height and width may seem, but in terms of thickness, the iPhone has made some plans, reducing the thickness of 13.4mm in the original model of 8.8 mm 2 IPAD. It is even thinner than the iPhone 4.

For two iPhone, Apple support has prevented mischief. With the exception of any house IPAD case, the unit works with first generation accessories (docks, adapters, speakers, video cables, chargers), although the first generation of platforms is not going like a glove. An updated standard docking station for the iPad 2 is available. To support the keyboard, Apple wireless keyboard now recommended for Bluetooth.

IPAD 2 accessory that is really getting all the attention Apple is new Smart Cover. An answer to all these bulky, exaggerated rubber-thirds of that for the iPad first Apple single hinged lid is available in two materials – leather ($ 59) and polyurethane ($ 39) – and several colors. It attaches to the magnetic left or right edge of the iPad 2 using two aluminum hinges integrated with incredibly powerful rare earth magnets. Magnets in the cover is used to detect when the lid is open or closed, so 2 iPad automatically wake or sleep. It works, but you also have the option in settings to bypass the alarm clock function and use the switch manually.

What supplies, the Smart Cover is a beautiful – not so much protection it offers, but offers an affordable rack when the roll. If you are seriously concerned about investment protection, to keep the iPad two traditions that surround the case is still the best way to go.Wi-Fi vs. 3G

The road warriors or those just getting a little ‘to the idea of ​​itching is not connected to the Internet, Apple provides a version of the iPad, an integrated 3G cellular data connection.

Apart from a negligible 0.1 Heft added sterling and the fact that buyers pay an additional $ 130 for the 3G capability (compared to Wi-Fi models), there is nothing wrong with having a model compatible 3G . Unlike the data plans for most smart phones, IPAD is not the long-term contractual obligations. If you do not end with 3G capabilities of the iPad, you can cancel the data plan at any time.

If you decide to go with 3G 2 iPad opportunity, you can choose between two carriers: AT & T and Verizon. The data plans and costs vary between the two carriers (and still is subject to change), and 3G technology cell under the hood is different too.

The IPAD model AT & T uses a GSM modem and a slot for micro-SIM card, allowing you to easily exchange micro-compatible SIM cards, when foreign companies abroad. IPad Verizon uses CDMA 3G modem and the lack of SIM-swapping feature AT & T GSM modem, making it a poor choice of international jet set.

As for data plans yesterday, AT & T offers two options: $ 15 per month for 250 MB of data or $ 25 per month for 2GB. Each option can be prepaid for a month, and AT & T plans contain no activation fee.


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