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Written By: admin on September 18, 2011 7 Comments

apple iPhone

The iPad is entered in our laboratories and finally we can really tell you what are the pros and cons of Apple tablet.  Look futuristic and cutting-edge features are accompanied by software that has yet to grow, while the support of developers will decide the success or failure of the iPad.

It’s been about four years after the launch of the iPhone and now, like it or not, the smartphone Apple has changed the world of mobile telephony.  The Cupertino company has decided to expand their horizons once again with the iPad.  In practice, Apple wants to march on the industry of netbooks and ultraportable, with a device that many have already labeled as an iPod / iPhone extra-large.  At first sight, on the other hand, the large 9.7-inch screen looks like this: a maximized window to a world that is already familiar to many.  The iPad is not only a bigger iPod Touch.

Apple wants to change the course of computing history and, in the last decade, has somehow succeeded in this aim.  As a full touchscreen tablet, the iPad is not an ordinary computer: it is a sort of evolution of species, which takes much of its DNA from smartphones instead of computers.

However, this does not prevent Apple to put their product in comparison to laptops and e-book readers.  The company with this tablet is literally attacking different market sectors – see if those who have had the most success in recent years.  The initial concept is not encouraging, because it has a long history of failure.


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