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Written By: admin on September 18, 2011 98 Comments
IPad Review
Apple iPad - 2
Apple iPad – 2

The iPad is the latest addition to Apple announced on January 27 and will be available on the market in March. The iPad is a tablet PC or a portable device with a screen 9.7 “inch full touchscreen, 1GHz processor, 64GB of internal memory to 8. Inside there is the iPhone OS 3.0. [Read the rest of this entry…]

Written By: admin on September 18, 2011 18 Comments
My impressions on the iPad


Using the iPhone for years. I had the 3G model, I have the 3G and most likely I will have the 4G . So in theory it should be pretty easy to talk about iPad, the new Apple tablet, but believe me, it is not.

The iPad is not an iPhone magnified as many have said in recent days, is a real generational shift. Not so much for the operating system, as you know, OS X Mobile, but for the opportunities that come with a screen so wide. Imagine an iPad like a piece of fertile land. Its features are unique in composition, but it’s up to you to sow the seed right (applications) to draw from the best fruit. [Read the rest of this entry…]

Written By: admin on September 18, 2011 7 Comments
Apple iPhone, review

apple iPhone

The iPad is entered in our laboratories and finally we can really tell you what are the pros and cons of Apple tablet.  Look futuristic and cutting-edge features are accompanied by software that has yet to grow, while the support of developers will decide the success or failure of the iPad. [Read the rest of this entry…]

Written By: admin on September 15, 2011 69 Comments
Apple iPad 2 (16GB, Wi-Fi, black) Reviews

Apple iPad 2

Good: The Apple iPad 2 dramatically thinner and is located in front of and behind the cameras, video chat FaceTime, a faster processor and 3G options, and the AT & T and Verizon.

The bad: Screen Resolution IPAD has not moved, photo quality is poor, there is still no Adobe Flash, and HDMI ports, USB and SD all require adapters. [Read the rest of this entry…]

Written By: admin on September 15, 2011 9 Comments
Magnets iPad

iPad Fridge Magnet

IPAD is a great addition to any kitchen. A bit of a cliche, we know, but it is the truth of the matter. You can access a wide range of recipes to cook up new dishes for the family, surf the web for the latest news while waiting for your chili and simmer, or attend a show quick cooking. But keep in iPad of harm’s way, that’s another story. You can thank the boiling water, simmer sauces and heavier than the cutting tools that everyone does not play well with the touchscreen device for semi-fragile. [Read the rest of this entry…]

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