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How to get an inexpensive solar heating

Written By: admin on September 21, 2011 43 Comments

inexpensive solar

With the cold winter just around the corner, pressing crisis unabated, claiming further increases electrical operators and global environmental awareness growing, it was clear that the movement DIY going to give some input to heat our house using the resources natural.

And here it is: cheap solar heating (in fact can be made with recycled materials). Quiet! Photovoltaic panels will not need or electronic circuits, to take one of these is enough to have seen a program of clenching.

What do you need?

  • A wood frame
  • An old glass window
  • Roofing felt
  • Concrete for the base of the heater
  • Foam insulation base frame and
  • Vent for dryer
  • Metal grilles for the interior
  • Wood Billet grilles
  • A small computer fan
  • A thermostat to turn on and automatically turn off the fan

How do you do?

Well as you see in the first photo, it comes to a wooden frame that will be attached to the exterior wall of your house on a simple concrete base. The foam used to insulate the box joints and joint areas of the frame to the wall and settlement. The framework (a kind of window blinds) will be paneled with an old window pane. On the other side of the glass, covering it completely, tar paper to absorb sunlight. What’s behind the cardboard? For eleven meters for dryer vent (the best are made of metal, see this picture ). The pipe must go back and forth within the frame, zigzagging as often as possible.

One end of the duct must be attached to a hole communicating between the outer frame and the room. It is covered with a grid hole connector (and if you’re crafty, the set is embellished with a small wooden frame) as shown in the second photo. Thus we get a closed circuit in which the cold air coming from inside the house and back home again after traveling heater.

inexpensive solar 1

To finish the system in any of the two ends of the tube can install a small computer fan attached to a thermostat, so that automatically turn on when the heater temperature reaches 22 ยบ C. Thus the air will circulate into the house when it reaches the optimal temperature.

As the author says, when the weather is sunny outside the system works like a charm, even if there is freezing cold outside. Obviously does not work so well on cloudy days (and nothing at night) but certainly in Spain, where we enjoyed many hours of sun even in winter, the savings could be achieved with this system would be like to have it in mind.


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