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Written By: admin on September 18, 2011 98 Comments
Apple iPad - 2
Apple iPad – 2

The iPad is the latest addition to Apple announced on January 27 and will be available on the market in March. The iPad is a tablet PC or a portable device with a screen 9.7 “inch full touchscreen, 1GHz processor, 64GB of internal memory to 8. Inside there is the iPhone OS 3.0.

Display: This is a generously sized multi-touch applications fully compatible with nell’iPad preloaded with complete accelerometer. Thanks to the display, web browsing is not compromised: the web surfing will be easier and more intuitive thanks to ‘use their own fingers as a pointing device.

No problem for writing e-mails: the large qwerty keyboard (virtual) offers immediate and typing seems to be able to replace the cumbersome problems without too much physical keyboard.

All focused on the enormous power of hardware and ultra-bright display, iPad also provides an overview of multimedia content “unprecedented” for example, the application displays your Photos in an album shots stacked three-dimensional mode.

Perhaps it goes without saying that the same display can be used not only for watching movies on YouTube, but also as output devices in high-definition video streams and / or video films.

Missed the iPod application, which make the most of your music collection, exploring the songs by album, artist or genre simply by touching the fingers on the display.

We all know the main reason why the tablet, at least initially, were born: the iBook. This name also marked an amazing application preloaded on iPad that allows you to display a virtual bookcase in which our books are digital, ready to be read on the move.

Other features include the more than 140,000 downloadable software from the App Store, the Maps application, Notes, Calendar, Agenda, an integrated search system, an application for email and a homescreen very similar to the desktop Mac

We start with technical data: the display, LED, is large 9.7-inch diagonal, and Apple provides, it is incredibly sharp and bright. As it uses a technology called IPS (in-plane switching), boasts a wide viewing angle reaches 178 degrees.

The integrated battery (25 Wh) is expected to reach 10 hours, Apple engineers have worked hard to incorporate the same technology nell’iPad lithium polymer battery developed for the Apple notebooks. What is surprising is that declared the autonomy of 10 hours are just browsing over Wi-Fi, music, watching videos or viewing. Not just stand-by mode. iPad charging via adapter or USB charging, and you can now act as picture frames.

Apple iPad - 3
Apple iPad – 3

It ‘already been developed for iPad accessory range, which includes a Keyboard Dock (a medium that puts the device tilted at a physical keyboard), a standalone dock, the camera connection kit, as well as a robust and versatile homes.

The iPad measures: 24 x 19 x 1.3 cm, a weight is around 0.7 kg. Almost all of the front surface, less than a black border is occupied by the 9.7-inch diagonal display and characterized by classical resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels (132 dots per inch).

The integrated mass storage device consists of a flash drive, 16GB, 32GB or 64GB. High performance assured by the integration of an Apple CPU 1 GHz Apple A4.

In support of multimedia, not only the 3.5 mm audio jack, speaker and microphone as well. The small tablet supports HD video up to 720p and 30 frames per second. Several audio and video codecs recognized.

Apple iPad - 4
Apple iPad – 4

iPad is offered in versions of Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi +3 G, the latter of which supports, in addition to Bluetooth 2.1 stereo even GSM / EDGE as well as UMTS / HSDPA. Of “memory iPhoniana” the presence of accelerometer, compass, GPS and A-ambient light sensor.

IPad will find in the package, in addition to the tablet, the dock connector with USB cable, charger 10W and documentation necessary for the use. What about prices? Here I will only return the relevant table on the Apple site, which includes the various costs of iPad depending on the type of model (depending on memory size and mass of the type of connectivity provided) to report an increase of 130 € for the integration of a 3G module … “incredible price”, according to Apple, which still refers to, currently, only the American market. iPad will eventually be available from end of March 2010 at the Apple Store and worldwide.


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