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IPod Touch Review (Part Two)

Written By: admin on September 18, 2011 4 Comments

IPod Touch Review

Here is the second part of the review. I got to put it under pressure and also combine a bit of trouble, fortunately (and I hope all) solved. The screen does not have the defects of youth and has no dead pixels. But I have found bugs that are perhaps the most interesting thing:

  • The QWERTY keyboard is not Italian but QZERTY. I do not understand why Apple is convinced that in Italy we use a leyout like that. The fact is that the solution will have to go to Settings> General> Keyboard> International Keyboards and turn even the English. When should you write press the symbol next to the world space. The QWERTY keyboard becomes English. Solve tips for writing, but the errors will give them to you in English. We have solved a problem and it has risen another. We hope that Apple resolves in the next update.
  • The covers of the music section, putting the player horizontally, will always refer to the entire library. If you go into a playlist, for example, will not give you the playlist but it only covers it all. This for me is not very easy and I think it’s a bug.
  • The connection sometimes wrong. There are people who have found it impossible to navigate with some connections. Moreover the management of the protected networks is improving. In the universities where you need a certificate to authenticate you can not navigate the iPod because you can not download anything. The same fate at times also affects YouTube and the iTunes WiFi Music Store.
  • The translations of some parts are incomplete. There are still words in English in some areas.
  • Missing elements such as Flash in Safari and calendar editable.
  • Songs that have no reference in the TAG “album” does not appear in Cover Flow.

Gems and curiosities:

  • In Safari, you can use QuickTime to view video. For example if you go in the “Film” Apple’s site you can see the traliler. It does not work, however, streaming video.
  • Always through Safari is possible to view documents in pdf, doc or excel. The important thing is that they are online and remember that you can not download anything let alone change them.
  • The movies can be deleted directly from the device. Just move your finger from right to left thumbnail. By synchronizing with iTunes player, though, the movie in the library computer is not deleted. It would be useful to the same system but with podcasts and syncing worked.

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