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Nokia n900 review

Written By: admin on September 13, 2011 11 Comments

Nokia has been consistently delivering innovative phone technology into the market and Nokia N900 is just the latest to invade the scene. The design might not be as astonishing but there is certainly a lot of promise for this smartphone model.


One of the features to highlight in Nokia N900 is the fact that it is Maemo-based, which is an operating system that is based from Linux. If you’ve sampled the previous N810 model, which was the first smartphone model running on Maemo, then you will notice a lot of changes incorporated on this one. Thankfully though, those changes were for the better such that you can enjoy more functional features and more.

The most evident change is the fact that Nokia N900 is the first phone model to join the series since the previous ones were handheld computers that lacked wireless capabilities. Of course, you can only expect this change to introduce tons of other innovative changes.

The design and appearance of Nokia N900 comes with a wide WVGA screen and a sliding keyboard. However, the Touchscreen feature is a lot smaller, only measuring 3.5×4.1 inches in actual measurement. This is somewhat expected though given that N810 was a larger device and so the switch to a phone device resulted in that consequent reduction. But in the standard of smartphones, the display is still comparably larger and you should have no problem using it.

The incorporation of Maemo 5 into Nokia N900 has produced significant redesigns into the phone system, especially in terms of phone functions. The improved user interface has added more emphasis on using widgets. In addition, users can also search through several home screens that have become a common feature among smartphones since it was introduced in the US market a few years ago.

You can also avail of a full Adobe Flash 9.4 support and Mozilla technology for your Nokia N900. If you try browsing the net using this phone, then you’d be certainly impressed with how Nokia has dedicated itself to continually innovating and improving on the browser technology to make for a seamless browsing experience, such that it’s hard to believe you are using your phone. You can also access a suite of applications and software for the modern businessman, such as Exchange ActiveSync and consumer e-mail systems. The developers have promised that there will also be tie-ins on social networking services, audio players, video, and other usual features you might expect.

If you like to store a lot of multimedia and other files into your phone, the 32GB storage available to Nokia N900 should enable you to store all those great moments you have captured. If that’s not enough, you can also use a micro SD card to expand it for up to 4GB. It also has support for Bluetooth and WiFi so you can connect to the Internet with ease.

Final Comments

Nokia N900 has got some stiff competition and it certainly has a lot of advantages in terms of the feature offerings, over other smartphones like Motorola Droid or iPhone 3GS. But it has yet to be determined though whether the technical functionality will actually bring in consumers and produce sales.



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