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Play Xperia No 2 in the short term

Written By: admin on September 20, 2011 18 Comments

Play Xperia No 2

With a new iPhone every year, the Xperia Play enthusiasts wonder if they should buy a device now or wait out the Xperia Play 2, but Sony will launch the second generation of mobile or is it just that Apple has spoiled us?

Dominic Neil-Dwyer, head of market development for Sony Ericsson, said that “This device, with GPU integration, it has been optimized for play … In terms of what you can do with the games, has been more than proven.”

With the advent of dual-core mobile, it would seem that Xperia Play will become obsolete any day now, but Neil-Dwyer does not think so “When you walk into discussions of a core from two, people do not understand or appreciate is that the comparison is based on what the device does have dual-core and not meant to be faster, “so” will not be exceeded very quickly. “

Thanks to the NPD Group, Enterbrain and other specialized firms to study the video game market, we know exactly how PSP and PS3 systems were sold, but since Xperia Play belongs to another world as Sony did not give sales figures, unknown how well he has gone to the “PSPhone” but as the company has “met expectations” and are hoping that the holidays will help increase sales.

So why no Xperia Play 2? “Our current goal is to enhance the experience with Xperia Play video chat, video calls via Skype, and more updates movies because we can bring better games,” he concluded.

Six months after Xperia Play hit the market and with the advent of increasingly powerful cell phones, we know that is a matter of time before Sony announced it was working on a second Xperia Play.


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