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Robotic Ball Is Controlled By IPhone

Written By: admin on September 15, 2011 9 Comments

Robotic Ball Is Controlled By IPhone

Cat videos are some of the most popular online. So it makes sense to develop a product that makes it even that which is inevitably a waste of time and bandwidth. This product is Spheros.

Robotics SPHERO a ball rolls around, and for all intents and purposes, you torture a cat-friendly. Control comes in the form of application available for Android and the iPhone, which is what we fear is the only feature that we had to justify this post. The ball is made of extremely strong polycarbonate, which must not be broken, but still allows internal LED lights shine.

As you may have guessed, in the light of the fact that it is a cat toy for the iPhone compatible, you can control your movement or shaking the phone in everything (gyroscope, for example) or use the controls on the screen. Orbotix, the company behind it, obviously, is selling like gangbusters this festival has also developed the KittyCam application that allows you to drive your cat bat shit crazy and record at the same time.

The man was not left out of the equation either. Golf Spheros converts your smartphone into a Wii like putting iron and probably could press the Bluetooth connect the ball between your books lawyer. Inductive load also allows the list, which is logical since a loading port set may not agree with the language of Garfield.



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