The Scooba 230 is very easy to use for quick pick-ups and small jobs.  We take a look at how well it performs in this in depth review.

Un-boxing the Scooba 230:
The Scooba 230 is packaged very nicely.  It was shipped in the original box.  The weight of the box is ~5.5 pounds (~2.49 kg).  The Scooba box is: 13 ½” x 8 ⅜” x 7 ⅜”.  Your box might be bigger if they pack the Scooba box in a larger box.  I was greeted with the package that containing the warranty card, Instruction card for first Use/Quick Start Guide, the 200 Series Owner’s Manual, Registration card, and in the enzyme pack (4-Pack) a guide explaining how to fill the tank with the solution.  Everything was packed nicely.  The extra 3-pack of cleaning plates is packed up in hard plastic.

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