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Tata Nano: Indian technology in the service of cars

Written By: admin on September 17, 2011 3 Comments

Tata Nano Indian technology in the service of cars

When it was believed that he could not advance in automotive technology over conventional models in India appears a vehicle with a reputation for being the cheapest in the world and meets a number of changes in technology have made ​​it quite appreciated .

The Tata Nano, as its creators have called it, is a vehicle whose main features small size, ideal to avoid “making space” so characteristic of large models such as vans or pathfinder 4 × 4, and saving gasoline consumption in contributing to the economy and hence to better preservation of the environment.

The Tata Nano has a design reminiscent of something the Volkswagen Gold, which became so famous for precisely the virtues mentioned above. However, the models were very Gold expenses, so the price of Tata Nano suggestive of only $ 2500 make it the preferred transport new machine for the people. The model itself tried to imitate some of its proportions to the rovers, and there is no denying that its interior is highly aesthetic, comparable to the compact lines of the most prestigious brands.

The Tata Nano to get a little technical detail, has a two-cylinder engine with 33 horsepower (hp) and 624 cc capacity. It is then a line that stands out for its power, taking into account its maximum output of fuel that runs along the 55 miles per gallon.

This means, in comparative terms, that large trucks spend most recognized brands on average 4 times more petrol in traditional routes. Big drawbacks ¿Tata Nano? Yes, the cart does not meet minimum safety standards required by the National Highway Safety United States.


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