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The toy car reinvented

Written By: admin on September 20, 2011 No Comment

In the video above you can see one of the stars at the recent American Toy Fair, held the second week of February in the city of New York. This is a new technological twist to the classic toy from Mattel, Hot Wheels cars. What they have done is to add a video camera that can record up to 12 minutes in VGA quality.

The car comes with a lens on the front and a tiny little screen TFT to the underside of toy. In addition, the rear there is a connection for a USB cable that lets you download video to PC. Includes software “easy to use” (drag and drop) to create transitions, sound effects, etc.. It also includes a bracket to attach the camera to a car or a skateboard helmet, so that the child can use it simply as a camera in their games.

I wonder if this fun will end up spending what his female counterpart, the Barbie Girl video , which aroused suspicion and controversy because it could be a “toy” too appealing to pedophiles. Either way, it is interesting to see how technology is reaching every niche of the market, even the most classic toys from the classic, strollers and wrists.

Now is when you say that “in my time I enjoyed alone with a plate, a wooden marbles and tops.” The technology is well, but the imagination is always higher


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