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Users Can Now Pre-order The Zambezi AMD FX Processors

Written By: admin on September 15, 2011 102 Comments

Zambezi AMD FX Processors

AMD FX, known as the Zambezi symbol, can now be reserved in some stores. Price for the first three models gives an idea of ​​prices recommended by the manufacturer.

List of models that are already available in a six-core FX-6100 model, and eight main models: the FX 8120 and FX 8150. All three processors are multiplier unlocked, and are designed to be installed + AM3 socket.

Price for FX-6100 will cost $ 188.32. It is designed for the clock frequency of 3.3 MHz (up to 3.9 GHz mode Tubos), 6 MB Level 2 cache memory 8 MB third level of cash and an integrated DDR3-1866 controller. TDP value is equivalent to 95 watts.

Price FX 8120 is estimated at $ 221.73. Clock frequency is 3.1 GHz (up to 4.0 GHz Turbo mode), 8 MB of memory and 8 MB level 2 cash cash level. The value is a 125W TDP. Feature of the FX-8150 is raised 3.6 GHz clock speed (up to 4.2 GHz Turbo mode). Rate this model is specified by $ 266.28.

Since new product vendors take the opportunity to skim, you can expect the official recommended price will be slightly lower than those mentioned above.


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