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War Screens: iPhone 2 vs 4 vs iPhone 3G

Written By: admin on September 17, 2011 4 Comments

iPhone 2 vs 4 vs iPhone 3G

Since leaving the iPhone 2, the reviews and revisions of the tablet have been found for almost the entire network, but this time the boys DisplayMate were a little further and decided to test the iPhone screen pass 2 and compare it with Retina found the screen on the iPhone 4 and HVGA which has the iPhone 3G.

Among the interesting things that stand out were things like the iPhone 2 has a screen brightness of 410cd / m ^ 2, but surpasses the iPhone 4 with a score of 541cd / m ^ 2. The 3G is second with 428cd / m ^ 2.

However, the iPhone 2 has black levels darker than the three to 0.43cd / m ^ 2. The iPhone 4 was 0.48cd / m ^ 2 and 0.31 cd 3G / m ^ 2, which means that the iPhone 2 has a contrast ratio of 962:1.

In addition, the color temperature of the iPhone 2 tends to be somewhat lower than that found in the iPhone 4, which is reflected in colors “lukewarm” to the tablet in the smartphone.

Finally, in terms of energy consumption, the iPhone 4 is the lowest energy used to show the greatest possible brightness (0.42 watts) while the 2.7 watts consumed iPad 2. Given the screen size, energy efficiency is relatively equal, with 0.32 watts for the smartphone and 0.34 for the tablet.

That also is an indicator of how much better the iPhone’s screen 4 with respect to its predecessor, the 3G, with the latter consuming twice the energy of the latest smartphone from Apple.


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