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Apple iPhone 3G Reviews

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Inside intro to Eyes: The new Apple phone can significantly longer than its predecessor, the design has not done anything against it.


The iphone is a phenomenon. Less than two years on the mobile phone market, it has shaken up the entire industry, a community of fans gathered at many millions of members around him, influenced the development of mobile phone and reaches a critical level of awareness, which is comparable to that of Microsoft. After our review of the iPhone 3G, we venture the prediction: The new model Apple will flush again a lot of money into the coffers and excite the fans.

If we recall rumors ahead of the launch, especially the disappointed look: The new iPhone looks exactly like the old one. There are no OLED display, not scaled-down version with “nano” in name and not three or more model variants. But that does not matter, because Apple has run true tuning: More performance, better endurance and a significantly augmented functional features of the Speed version.

Phone Features
When your phone’s capabilities in the area has done some messages. You are now able to use a voice recorder from the factory, which also enables the sending of voice messages. However, lets not use the recorder to record ring tones or to record telephone conversations. There are however a variety of applications in the App Store. MMS also has the iPhone 3G now works from one of the party. So you can either attach small pictures or videos to your messages.

Another new well and succeeded: the voice control of the iPhone. Holding down the Menu button supports voice input for days. A vocal training, you do not need it. Simply say the name or number of the desired contact or speak to the desired artist or song title. Even the mobile phone sets off with the appropriate action. Otherwise, everything remains the same: GSM quad band, speakerphone, dynamic contact database, calendar and Favorites feature can also be found in the current iPhone.

Data Functions
Besides the built-in wireless receiver You can now take advantage of HSDPA in Phase III, which theoretically with 7.2 Mbit / S data transmission for the fleet. Even high-speed USB and Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR is not missing. Also new: The A2DP profile for stereo streaming music via Bluetooth can use the current iPhone as well. You can buy the phone, select the desired capacity. While an expandable memory is still not the equipment. Stuck for up to 32 GB of internal memory in the phone. From the factory can be tested at the 32-gigabyte version is still 29.2 GB used for their own content.

GPS and Internet
New in the navigation area is the integrated compass that supports the internal GPS receiver. Especially in pedestrian mode and location-based services, it is useful because the user sees exactly where he stands and in which direction he must go. Also for the new iPhone, however, is still not a full navigation software available. However, you can take the services of Google Maps for route planning advice.

More Speed
Apple promises the iPhone 3G thanks to the improved graphics processor a much better performance. In practice, we found in comparison with the 3G actually a slight increase in speed. Launch applications faster, menus can be called without delay and the camera is ready to snap, even faster.

Also, when browsing the iPhone is now a bit faster. Standard web pages take about three to four seconds faster charge time than with the iPhone 3G. The Safari browser, it represents and makes navigation easy, thanks to the multi-touch display that responds now just a tad bit more directly on inputs, just playful. Zoomed by the pulling apart of two fingers on the display surface-mounted. Despite now been submerged competitors that also support multi-touch, the iPhone can not fool the transition to the Internet is still something no other mobile phone.

With the camera, the iPhone has geschwachelt compared with the picture-perfect competition ever. Also, the 3G comes with not quite. After all, Apple now has one million pixel resolution and refills built a well-functioning autofocus. You can focus your subject simply by a finger tip to the desired location on the display. The pictures look better in any case, as the iPhone with the old shot. There’s no options but sophisticated setting.

Well we liked in the test the video function. You can record clips set to music of any length and on request directly from the phone upload on YouTube. Resolution and quality are impressive. The VGA clips (640 x 480) will play nice and sharp and fluid.

The iPhone is an iPod with phone function. All the advantages and qualities of an iPod can also be found in the current model. Music or video can be transmitted officially, but still only with the free iTunes software on your mobile phone. Per finger swipe, you can then scroll through the album covers of your music collection. A quick tap of the cover opens the song list of stored songs. With mobile iTunes service can download songs directly to the phone fast, extra pay.

Very fast when the iPhone goes on playing music to plants. An entire album (60 MB, 10 MP3s) arrived in just 13 seconds into the phone memory. In addition, the player sounds very good. Anyone who wishes can choose from more than 20 kinds of sound settings to customize the sound to your own preferences. Apple sets currently in the package also includes an improved headset that lets you change the volume via remote control cable, and songs can forward and back. You can also use your own headphones with 3.5 mm jack on the new 3G.

Key data
Compared to the iPhone 3G has not done anything purely superficial. The phone measures 115 x 65 x 12 millimeters and weighs 136 g. It is well made, nothing is loose, nothing feels cheap. When Battery test was the newcomer almost 5 hours through at full transmit power. A good value for a cell phone and a significant jump in comparison to its predecessor.

Processing and handling
As the 3G has the 3G also processed very noble and good. On this phone wobbles or creaks nothing, it is very good in the hand. Small drawback: At the back of scratch-sensitive Apple has not improved. Here we recommend a protection against pre-programmed otherwise, unsightly scratches.

Also new is the search function. These can both be reached either by Home button or from the home screen with a finger swipe to the right. The QWERTY keyboard for typing messages in landscape mode available. Even Apple has thought to help control the new iPhone. Visually or hearing impaired people can use a read-aloud function, use different zoom modes or choose a high-contrast display (white on black). For sports enthusiasts there’s the standard function “Nike + iPod” which makes the mobile phone in conjunction with an optional channel for the shoes to the personal fitness trainer.

Acoustics / Display
The heart of the mobile phone is the Apple’s patented multi-touch glass display. It is protected in an oil-repellent layer of 3G, is to make the invisible fingerprints. In practice, this occurred along with a little less clear for days, but still visible. Positive: A quick wipe of the phone makes textiles on a trick again handsome. The predecessor had a lot more polished. The display quality is very good. On 50 x 75 millimeters and with 480 x 320 pixels, all information is very bright, sharp and high contrast display. Also see videos on the screen very well.

In our acoustic test made the iPhone a very good figure. On the fixed-line phone and voices sounded natural and pleasant loud, although sometimes a bit dull. The speakerphone was very high volumes, good points intercom behavior and a natural sound. Understood only in double talk on the landline we not the opposite.


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