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My impressions on the iPad

Written By: admin on September 18, 2011 18 Comments


Using the iPhone for years. I had the 3G model, I have the 3G and most likely I will have the 4G . So in theory it should be pretty easy to talk about iPad, the new Apple tablet, but believe me, it is not.

The iPad is not an iPhone magnified as many have said in recent days, is a real generational shift. Not so much for the operating system, as you know, OS X Mobile, but for the opportunities that come with a screen so wide. Imagine an iPad like a piece of fertile land. Its features are unique in composition, but it’s up to you to sow the seed right (applications) to draw from the best fruit.

The iPad is essentially a cross between an iPhone and a MacBook. Steve Jobs had said well during his keynote, and have it in your hands remember his exact words. Those who think to replace his laptop to get it wrong, those who think to replace his iPhone to get it wrong, those who think of buying a computer to get it wrong.

In his hands is very solid thanks to its aluminum case. For the faint of arms will be a little ‘heavy compared to the size that, in fact, I imagined the most generous. Not that this is a defect, for heaven’s sake, portability is made of the right proportions.

ipad Case inside

The screen is very bright and touching its surface is a pleasure. Oleofobico treatment, however, should be improved because the fingerprints off the screen to see it all. A few weeks ago an Italian newspaper published a video showing you where readability in sunlight. Well I can say that, despite the IPS technology for a successful read at every angle, the reading in the sun is not good, the screen reflects.

The operating system is very fast. You press the sleep button and access, it is pressed and turns off. All this avoids the long wait for start of regular laptops, making it an instrument ready for use at any time. Honestly I expected more RAM. 256 MB I think not many for a system that, with the advent of multitasking with the 4.0 firmware , will be resource-hungry. The brake feels the RAM, for example when loading many pages with Safari. Not having much cache memory when you return to a page loaded in another window, this will be recharged. Little things, if you have 1 second of patience you close one eye.

The virtual keyboard is big enough, but not having the physical response of the button you have to develop some ‘habit. I think the time is not ideal for writing novels, but I do not think I have this goal. To post, write a few pages of documents, emails and more is just fine and avoid having to clean the keys that can be consumed over time. The arrangement of icons on different pages, instead, I thought it was more scattered. Eye it all looks rather neat. With a screen of 9.7 “, the iPad will have 1 row and 2 more for each page in more areas than the iPhone on the dock. In fact, I will tell you more, if you use the iPad for a few hours and go back to using the iPhone, it will generate a strange feeling. It will seem as though its dimensions have been reduced compared to those previously felt as if he had become a small device, not a smartphone with a screen of 3.5 “.

The firmware 3.2, compared to 3.1.3 iPhone, has many more features. For example, there is the spelling of words, the possibility of replacing a term with another, the dictionary (in English) and other trifles. I think the company would release it for iPhone, but has preferred to wait for the 4.0 directly. As you know, in fact, the new firmware version will be released until after a few months for the iPhone and iPad.

The reading of books is quite satisfactory. Someone had the problem of being tired after many hours of sight reading but, guys, I will cause eye strain after several hours of reading, even if I read a paper book. The iBookstore can, fortunately, the synchronization of books imported into iTunes, because in the history of Italian books I can not see. Unfortunately, I think that our own editors do not want to pay 30% commission to Apple. I fear that a large selection of books in Italian we can forget for a while ‘time. As for the magazines , however, the first publications began to appear, but at present are mainly enriched PDF. Someone also has integrated video and photo galleries, but they are things to improve. I think it’s just a matter of time.

The App Store, as well accessible from the iTunes Store, currently has almost 5,000 applications, but very few of these I found them useful. I think it’s a matter of time again, just give time to developers to build. Usually the most interesting to point out there day after day on the blog.

The iPad, in essence, is a whole new industry. The concern of some people is justified by the lack of reference points earlier. Compare it to something else is not possible. The iPad is the first, the cornerstone of its current technology. We must have it in your hands to begin to understand that you can use. A use that may vary from person to person according to your needs. Someone said that a computer is ideal for those who can not use a computer, yes it is. Others that it is an ideal companion for the studies, too. Others which is a portable console, a perfect video player, an ebook reader. Yes, you and all these things put together or taken separately.


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