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Porsche 911 Carrera S – the first video

Written By: admin on August 28, 2011 42 Comments

As is the way, we’ve had video of the 2012 Porsche 911 before. But last time it was that oxymoron of modern car launch PR, the ‘Official’ spy video.


This time, we get the real deal. Which is exactly what you would expect once Porsche has revealed the new 911, which they did on Tuesday.

Because of that, you already know that the 911 Carrera comes with either an all new 3.4 litre flat six or the newly tweaked 3.8 litre we saw in the 997, only in the new 911 it gets 400 horses, goes a bit quicker, emits a bit less and is slightly more frugal.

So the video lets us see what the new 911 looks like on road, and what it sounds like too. And it sounds, and looks, exactly like the 997 did. Which is not a huge surprise. After all, this is a new 911, which is supposed to look the same – just different. But in a way you can’t quite put your finger on at first

What would have been nice is if Porsche had release video of the new 911 Carrera, rather than the Carrera S, so we could hear if the new engine sounds any different to the old. Although it probably won’t.

Still, for those who need to lap up every measly morsel of information on the 2012 911 that Porsche deigns to distribute, this is for you.




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