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Reviews for the iPhone 5

Written By: admin on September 14, 2011 29 Comments

iphone 5

After the revolution, the record sales and critical acclaim he received from large companies and users to launch the latest iPhone, the iPhone 4, it appears that the streak would not accompany this giant appliances maker latest technology, for while they get ready to leave the final details ready for the launch of its new iPhone 5, this is already receiving heavy criticism from other companies that show that the presence of the iPhone 5 in stores, not make a breakthrough in modern technology, not much news to its users.

Apple’s new creation, the iPhone 5, even without leaving the world market and be officially launched and is giving a lot to talk to the press, their competence and users, because they are already several companies that have come to doubt and minimize the capacity and reach of this modern version of the smartphone favorite of millions of users worldwide.

There are two reports that have been presented where they attack the iPhone 5, one of which is to Bloomberg, who ensured that the upcoming release of Apple, will have major improvements to technology and new tools for users in the same Thus, the Taiwanese publication DigiTimes technology, said something similar, it argued that the iPhone literally 5 “does not seem to have no significant improvement over the iPhone 4.”

According to these criticisms seem iPhone in May, there will be a major release that will revolutionize the market, but to really know what will happen to wait until September, has announced the launch of iPhone in May, only able to check whether there are actual comments or bad intentioned.


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